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Mobile Phone Flex-rigid PCB
Mobile Phone Flex-rigid PCB for Monitor

Mobile Phone Flex-rigid PCB for Monitor

Quick Details

Product Description

Quick Details

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Model Number:


Base Material:


Copper Thickness:


Board Thickness:

1.6mm or 0.2-4.0mm, Flex    0.01-0.25mm

Min. Hole Size:

0.01'',0.25mm, or 10mils

Min. Line Width:

0.075mm (3mil)

Min. Line Spacing:

0.075mm (3mil)

Surface Finishing:

Surface Finishing    HASL,Nickle,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion S

Product name:

flex-rigid pcb for universal    remote control

Other name:

rigid-flex pcb board

Copper thickness:

9um / 12um / 18um / 35um

Soldermask Color:

amber (green)

Standard Production layer:

2 layer - 10 Layer


Polyimide / FR4

Cover Layer Polyimide:

laser cutting / punching / drilled

Out packing:

according to the customer's    requirement

ID print:



ROHS,UL,ISO9001 etc



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1, whether the differential signal line plus ground?

The middle of the differential signal is generally not ground. Because the application of differential signal is the most important point is to take advantage of the advantages of the coupling between the differential signal, such as flux cancellation, noise immunity (noise immunity). If the ground is added in the middle, the coupling effect will be destroyed.

2, whether rigid and flexible board design needs special design software and specifications?

Flexible Printed Circuits can be designed using general design PCB software. The same Gerber format for FPC manufacturers. Due to differences in manufacturing processes and general PCBs, manufacturers will have limitations on the minimum line width, minimum line spacing, and minimum aperture based on their manufacturing capabilities. In addition, copper skin can be added to the flex circuit board for reinforcement. Soft board inspection standards are usually based on IPC6013

3. What is the principle of properly selecting the point where the PCB and the housing are grounded?

Choosing the PCB and housing ground point selection principle is to use the chassis ground to provide a low-impedance path to the returning current and to control the path of this return current. For example, the ground of the PCB may be connected to the chassis ground by using a fixed screw near the high-frequency device or the clock generator to minimize the entire current loop area and reduce electromagnetic radiation.

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