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Mobile Phone PCB
14 Layers HDI

14 Layers HDI

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Quick Details

Number of Layers:


Base Material:

FR_4 Sheng Yi

Copper Thickness:


Board Thickness:


Min. Hole Size:


Min. Line Width:


Min. Line Spacing:


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8. How to deal with some theoretical conflicts in actual wiring

1). Basically, it is correct to isolate the analog/digital ground. It should be noted that the signal traces should not cross over the moat, and do not make the return current path of the power supply and the signal too large. 2). The crystal oscillator is an analog positive feedback oscillator circuit. To have a stable oscillation signal, the loop gain and phase specifications must be satisfied. The oscillation specification of this analog signal is easily disturbed. Even if ground guard traces are added, it may not be completely isolated. interference. And far away from the ground, noise on the ground plane will also affect the positive feedback oscillation circuit. Therefore, the distance between the crystal and the chip must be close. 3). There is a lot of conflict between the requirements for high speed cabling and EMI. However, the basic principle is that because of the EMI resistance capacitor or ferrite bead, some electrical characteristics of the signal cannot be caused to fail to meet the specifications. Therefore, it is best to solve or reduce EMI problems by arranging traces and PCB stacking techniques, such as high-speed signals going out of the inner layer. Finally, resistors and capacitors or ferrite bead are used to reduce the signal damage.

9. How to solve the contradiction between high-speed signal manual wiring and automatic wiring?

Nowadays, most of the auto routers of the strong cabling software have set constraints to control the winding method and the number of vias. The winding project capabilities and constraints of EDA companies are sometimes very different. For example, whether there are enough constraints to control serpentine 蜿蜒, whether it can control the spacing of differential pairs, etc. This will affect whether or not the automatic routing method can meet the designer's idea. In addition, the difficulty of manually adjusting the wiring is also absolutely related to the capabilities of the winding engine. For example, the ability to push wires, the ability to push through holes, and even the ability to push copper to push copper. Therefore, choosing a router with powerful routing engine capability is the solution.

10. About test coupon.

The test coupon is used to measure the characteristic impedance of a PCB board produced with a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) to meet the design requirements. The impedance to be controlled generally has two conditions: single line and differential pair. Therefore, the line width and line spacing (with differential pairs) on the test coupon should be the same as the lines to be controlled. The most important thing is the location of the grounding point when measuring. In order to reduce the inductance of the ground lead, the TDR probe ground is usually very close to the probe tip. Therefore, the distance between the point on the test coupon and the ground point is measured. To comply with the probe used.

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