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About the impedance of automotive PCB

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2018

About the impedance of automotive PCB

For the battery, when the signal travels along the transmission line, the 0.06 inch transmission line segment is charged every 0.01 nanosecond. When a constant current is obtained from the power supply, the transmission line looks like an impeder, and its impedance value is constant, which can be referred to as the "surge" impedance of the transmission line.

Similarly, when the signal travels along the line, which current can increase the voltage of this step to 1 volt within 0.01 nanoseconds before the next step, this involves the concept of transient impedance. ??

From the battery point of view, if the signal travels along the transmission line at a stable speed and the transmission lines have the same cross-section, the same amount of charge is required each before in 0.01 nanoseconds to generate the same signal voltage. ??

When traveling along this line, the same instantaneous impedance is generated, which is considered as a characteristic of the transmission line and is called the characteristic impedance. If the signal has the same characteristic impedance at each step of the transfer process, the transmission line can be considered as a controlled impedance transmission line.

Instantaneous impedance or characteristic impedance is very important for signal transmission quality. During the transfer process, if the impedance of the next step is equal to the impedance of the previous step, the work can proceed smoothly, but if the impedance changes, there will be some problems. ??

In order to achieve the best signal quality, the design goal of the internal connection is to keep the impedance as stable as possible during signal transmission. First, the characteristic impedance of the transmission line must be kept stable. Therefore, the production of controlled impedance plates becomes more and more important. In addition, other methods such as minimizing the length of the remaining lines, removing the ends, and using the entire line are also used to maintain the transient impedance stability in signal transmission. ??

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