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Basic knowledge about PCB design must be mastered

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2018

Basic knowledge about PCB design must be mastered

1. If the designed circuit system contains FPGA devices, you must use the Quartus II software to verify the pin assignment before drawing the schematic. (Some special pins in the FPGA can not be used as ordinary IO).

From the top to the bottom, the 2nd and 4th floor boards are: the signal plane layer, the ground, the power supply, and the signal plane layer; the 6th floor board is from the top to the bottom: signal plane layer, ground, signal inner layer, signal inner layer, Power, signal plane layer. 6 layers above board (advantages are: anti-interference radiation), the preferred inner layer routing, can not choose to open the plane layer, prohibited from the ground or power layer (cause: will split the power layer, resulting in parasitic effects).

3, multi-power system wiring: If FPGA + DSP system to do 6-layer board, generally there will be at least 3.3V+1.2V+1.8V+5V.

3.3V is generally the main power supply, and the power layer is directly laid, and the global power network can be easily deployed through the vias;

5V is generally the power input, only need to copper in a small area. And as thick as possible.

In short, because the power supply network is spread over the entire PCB, if the method of routing is very complex and will go very far, the method of using copper plating is a good choice!

4. Crossing between adjacent layers: It can reduce the electromagnetic interference between parallel wires and facilitate the wiring.

5, analog digital to be isolated, how an isolation method? layout will be used for analog signal devices and digital signal devices, and then from across the AD chip in the middle!

The analog signal is placed on the analog ground. The analog ground/analog power supply and the digital power supply are connected by a single point of the inductor/magnetic ball.