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Circuit board factory wireless network fast or plug network fast?

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2018

Circuit board factory wireless network fast or plug network fast?

Do not dare to say, because the situation is not the Internet, in fact, the network speed has a slight impact.

Normally, the network loss of the plug-in cable is relatively small, and the common network cables in the LAN mainly include twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables, and optical cables. Twisted pair is a data transmission line made up of many pairs of wires. Its characteristic is that it is cheap, so it is widely used, such as our common telephone lines. It is used to connect with RJ45 crystal head.

  The most commonly used network cable is twisted-pair cable. However, the cable cannot be too long. The computer can recognize only 0 and 1 languages. The network must transmit 0 and 1 signals. These signals become current when passing through the network cable, and the current strength of the network cable is between -15V and +15V, and there will be resistance when the current is transmitted through the network cable. Therefore, according to the principle of high-voltage transmission, the longer the line, the greater the voltage level to use for transmission. If the cable is too long, but such a low voltage, will cause the signal to weaken until it is lost. Therefore, the network cable should not be too long. Generally speaking, the network cable exceeds 100 meters and the other end receives no signal.

The normal use of network cables is usually only a few meters, and the loss is very small.

  There are many reasons for the relatively large loss of wireless networks, such as the loss of buildings to the network. In particular, the load-bearing walls in buildings will have a relatively large loss to the network. Since wifi signals have specific channels, these channels are like highways. If wifi transmitted from multiple routers attached to the router is transmitted on one channel, the network will also be slowed down.

  Using a PC at home to connect a router with a network cable is better than a wifi connection.