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LED aluminum substrate expertise

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

First, the characteristics of aluminum plate

1. Use of surface mount technology (SMT);

2. In the design of the circuit for the thermal diffusion of extremely effective treatment;

3. Reduce product operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, extend product life;

4. Reduce product size, reduce hardware and assembly costs;

5. Replace the fragile ceramic substrate, to obtain better mechanical durability.

Second, the aluminum plate structure

Al-based CCL is a metal circuit board material, from copper foil, thermal insulation and metal substrate composition, and its structure is divided into three layers:

Cireuitl.Layer circuit layer: the equivalent of ordinary PCB copper clad laminate, copper foil thickness loz to 10oz.

DiELcctricLayer Insulation: Insulation is a layer of low thermal conductivity thermal insulation material.

BaseLayer Base: is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper can be selected. Aluminum-based CCL and the traditional epoxy glass cloth laminate and so on.