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LED lighting aluminum substrate

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

     Aluminum plate, referred to in English referred to as ALPCB, is the aluminum-based copper circuit board referred to as metal-based circuit board (also known as: MCPCB), compared to FR4 fiberglass board, with outstanding thermal performance and cost-effective, 2007 Years after the agile LED lighting lamps into the preferred PCB board, summed up in recent years production experience and application of information lamps, aluminum plate in this throw related topics.

A: metal substrate more common structure of metal substrate, the more common structure 1: conductive layer (also known as copper foil layer), for the line arrangement and components pad position; 2: insulation cooling layer (more common for ceramic powder (See more as aluminum, copper), as the carrier of copper foil and insulating layer, aluminum with a cost-effective and outstanding mechanical processing functions in the metal substrate market share on the market, Far ahead.

B: Conventional function of aluminum plate As the most commonly used LED lighting, PCB, we have a hobby on the aluminum plate to know a little more. Aluminum plate as the carrier of aluminum, its thermal, electrical, mechanical function is particularly important, common parameters such as: specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, melting point scale, linear expansion coefficient, conductivity, resistivity, hardness, fatigue strength, tensile Strength, elastic modulus, elongation, cutting force and so on. Conforms to the national standard situation, in which the thermal conductivity is particularly important.