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Novice design PCB must know a few points

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 29, 2018

Novice design PCB must know a few points

There are several points in the PCB design that must be taken care of. If you do not follow these guidelines, then the PCB we have designed will probably not be usable. Therefore, before designing, be sure to understand the following points.

First, equal length

The equal length means that when designing the differential line, it is necessary to make the two signal lines have the same length. Because by making the length of the signal lines the same, we can achieve the same time for the transmission of the signal, so that the polarity of our differential signal will be different, resulting in the opposite situation. If our differential signal is the same, the quality of our signal will be very bad, so we must follow the principle of equal length when designing.

Second, isometric

Isometric means to make the distance between pairs of our differential lines consistent. Because we can adjust the distance of the differential line, we can adjust a differential impedance throughout. If our differential impedance can maintain a certain degree of continuity, our reflection will be very small, so that the transmitted signal can be complete.

Third, the differential pairs are laminated with the printed board

The difference between the differential pair and the printed circuit board is the same as that of the differential line above, and there is a certain relationship between the equal distances between the pair of differential lines. The differential line will provide a reflow path for our printed boards. PCBs typically use this approach, with differential line return. Therefore, when designing, try to laminate our differential lines to the printed board.

When designing PCB, just pay attention to these principles, then the probability of error will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when designing, it must be a lot of reference, not careless, so as to avoid problems.