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PCB printed circuit board, printed circuit board new weather

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2018

PCB printed circuit board, printed circuit board new weather

In recent years, from the perspective of output composition, the main products of China's PCB industry have shifted from single-pane and double-pane to multilayer boards, and are being upgraded from 4 to 6 floors to 6 to 8 floors. With the rapid growth of multilayer boards, HDI boards, and flexible boards, the PCB industry structure in China is gradually being optimized and improved.

Printed circuit boards (printed circuit boards) are the most active industries in the contemporary electronic components industry, and their industry growth rate is generally higher than that of the electronic components industry by about 3 percentage points. According to the analysis of various factors, it is expected that the rapid growth will continue in 2006. The upgrading of demand and industrial transfer will be the basic driving force for the development of the industry. HDI boards, flexible boards and IC packaging boards (BGA, CSP) will become the main growth points.