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Seven unknown LED circuit board technology secrets

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2018

Seven unknown LED circuit board technology secrets

 LED lighting industry lighting lighting project, not only affected by the global environment, but also its industry-specific. The LED street lamp power supply is precisely the most important aspect of LED development at present. For the related design of LED technology, there are many kinds of schemes and unique design methods. The little secret about LED street lamp is made by Shenzhen Keyou circuit for you. introduce:

       1. LED circuit board factory lamp power supply error

       The constant current accuracy of some power supplies on the market is poor, like the constant current schemes such as the popular recommended solutions in the market, the error reaches ±8%, and the constant current error is too large. The general requirement is ±3%. Press 3% of the design plan. The power supply must be fine-tuned to achieve ±3% error.

       2. How much operating current should be designed for LED circuit board street lamp power supply

       For example, the LED's rated operating current is 350 mA, and some factories use it at the beginning. The design is 350 mA. Actually, the current operation is very serious under this current. After many comparison tests, the design of 320 mA is ideal. . Minimize the amount of heat and allow more electricity to become visible light.

       3. What are the advantages of LED street light circuit board power supply with constant current?

       The characteristics of LED lighting materials determine that they are affected by the environment. For example, if the temperature changes, the LED current will increase, the voltage will increase, and the LED current will increase. Long-term operation beyond the rated current will greatly shorten the LED lamp life. The constant current of the LED is to ensure that the operating current value does not change when the environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change. Friends of the circuit board Professional production of PCB circuit board 12 years, the products are: copper substrates, aluminum substrates, multi-layer circuit boards, production of LED street light circuit boards, Shenzhen circuit board manufacturers advice Hotline: 18320949967 temperature R

       4. Non-isolation is good

       Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of isolation is not high. Generally, it is non-isolated and occupies more mainstream. The volume can be made smaller. The minimum can be up to 8 mm. In fact, non-isolated security measures are done well, and there is no problem. Space allows it to do isolated power. General isolated power supply such as made 15W, placed in the LED street lamp power supply tube, the transformer is very large, it is difficult to put in. Mainly depends on the spatial structure depending on the specific circumstances, the isolation can only be done generally 15W, rarely more than 15W, and the price is very expensive.

       5. LED street light circuit board power supply power efficiency

       Input power minus output power value, this parameter is particularly important, the greater the value, the lower the efficiency, which means that a large part of the input power is converted into heat; if it is installed in the lamp will produce a very high temperature , coupled with a luminous efficiency of our LED than the emitted heat, will be superimposed to produce a higher temperature. And the life of all the electronic components within our power supply will be shortened with the rise of temperature. So the efficiency is the most determined power supply life The fundamental factor is that the efficiency cannot be too low, otherwise the heat consumed on the power supply is too high. Non-isolated efficiency is higher than that of isolation, generally more than 80%, but the efficiency is related to the match of the light board

       6. LED circuit board street lamp power supply operating voltage

        The recommended working voltage of general LED is 3.0-3.5V. After testing, most of the work is at 3.2V, so the 3.2V calculation formula is reasonable. Total voltage of N beads in series = 3.2* N

       7. How wide is the series and parallel and wide voltage of the LED circuit board street lamp power board?

       To make the LED street light power work in a wide range of input voltage AC85-265V, the LED series parallel connection of the lamp panel is very important. Otherwise, the operating current is too high and the power supply is generating heat. There is also a wide voltage scheme, APFC active power compensation is to use L6561/7527 to raise the voltage to 400V, and then step down, the equivalent of two switching power supply. This program is only used under certain conditions.