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Thermal efficiency of the substrate

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

Thermal efficiency of the substrate

Currently used for LED substrate substrates is generally referred to as "LED heat sink substrate." It is actually derived from a conventional printed circuit board (PCB). Although there is a common aspect between them, due to the difference in application fields, it differs from conventional PCBs in terms of product performance, processing conditions, and even product structure. In particular, LED heat-dissipating substrates have more outstanding heat conduction and heat resistance. Other characteristics. The heat of the chip is conducted to the heat sink through the internal thermal path, and the heat sink dissipates heat through air convection or outward radiation. In the high-power LED heat dissipation channel, the heat-dissipating substrate is a key link connecting the internal and external heat-dissipating paths, and has at least the following three major functions: 1 LED chip heat-dissipation and customs clearance; 2 3 LDE chip electrical connection physical support of 3 LED chips. The vast majority of all kinds of structured LED packages are inseparable from the heat-dissipating substrate, and it has become one of the important components of the LDE package.

With the popularity of high-power LEDs, it has become the mainstream of LED development. In the future, LEDs will develop toward higher brightness (ie, high power). This makes the heat dissipation performance of the heat-dissipating substrate more and more prominent.

 The heat dissipation problem directly affects the light output characteristics of the LED and the lifetime of the device, and is a key issue in high power LED packaging. The heat-dissipating substrate is a core component of the LED white light illumination system that connects the internal and external thermal vias, and relates to the structure and layout of the multi-chip LED package; the reliability of the LED external package. The electrical connection, physical support, heat dissipation characteristics, packaging process, and cost of the entire LED system vary greatly depending on the structure, performance, and quality of the heat-dissipating substrate.