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What are the pcb trace design requirements?

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2018

What are the pcb trace design requirements?

In electronic devices, pcb is often used. It is a small circuit board but has a lot of components and circuit lines on it. Therefore, in order to achieve such a small range, the entire circuit can be ordered. In order to achieve a unified product, the pcb should be designed in advance and meet sufficient requirements before it can be achieved. Specifically, pcb's design requirements include the following aspects.

I. Preliminary design requirements for pcb alignment

When carrying out the relevant design, it is necessary to have a good beginning with a distance of more than 0.5 mm in the bent place as the beginning of the trace. At the same time, the pcbmanufacturers introduce the same vacant distance on both edges, the extra part. It should be cut out, and it would be best to add a pad for each side. At the same time, affordable pcb manufacturers are reminded to note that TCP and COF should adopt protective tapes to protect them, and COG needs black tape.

Second, pcb trace the middle process design requirements

Don't arrange or design through holes in places where pcb products are bent. This can reduce stress and be good for bending. Also note that in the ACF range, especially its negative side must be kept flat and no unevenness should occur. pcb manufacturers also reminded that it is better to add a teardrop tray to the through hole when carrying out the routing. If you make a sinuous turn in a folded corner, it will produce better results.

Third, pcb alignment other details of the design requirements

Since the pcb product itself is flexible, this time it is better to make good use of this point. Therefore, when the relevant design is carried out, in particular, the copper plating should be made into a wire mesh with corresponding specifications. This will also ensure that the entire board is flat. At the same time, pcb manufacturers stressed that the best distance between the copper skin and the circuit should be kept in order to protect the scalp from damage.

The above is the pcb trace design requirements include several aspects, in addition should also pay attention to the very need to do grounding treatment, so you can use the area and part of the pcb to use in these areas, you can make some holes around it In order to be able to better ground. At the same time, the popular pcb manufacturers should also pay attention to connect the other components, it should ensure that the positive and negative connections are correct, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.