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What are the main points of pcb's process control

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2018

What are the main points of pcb's process control?

Nowadays, the level of social electronic technology is very advanced. Many electronic products need to be used in circuit boards. Therefore, pcb is widely used, and this product has many attractive features and advantages compared to ordinary products. However, in order to make its quality meet the requirements, the process control points in the production process of pcb include the following aspects.

First, control the quality of cutting

It is well known that pcb products are a small piece of thin plate, so in the production process, raw materials need to be cut to achieve such specifications. Therefore, this process has a direct impact on the quality of pcb products and the issues related to costs. This process is done through the operation of machinery. Therefore, the popular pcb manufacturers emphasize that the performance requirements for these devices are relatively high and they should be well-maintained. At the same time, it should also have certain requirements for the proficiency of the operator's technology and the degree of professional mastery.

Second, to control the quality of the process

Operators should operate according to the pcb production specifications. To avoid contamination of related components, be sure to wear gloves or fingertips on hands to avoid direct contact. Otherwise, Chinese characters that are stained on copper sheets may cause oxidation to corrode the product. . At the same time, pcb manufacturers must also learn that the correct feeding method must not be broken. When cutting, do not cut pieces. Be sure to operate according to the correct size. Otherwise, the waste of raw materials will affect the cost.

Third, to control the maintenance of machinery

Because pcb production has relatively high requirements for machinery and equipment, it is usually necessary to arrange special personnel for maintenance operations and controls. For example, the process of assembling the boards should be performed in the correct order, and the basic requirements should be met. Do not make mistakes in quantity. At the same time, the pcb manufacturer reminds that in order to prevent rigs and pressure angles from causing crushing on the material, the cover plate should be used. .

The above are some of the aspects covered by the pcb's process control points. In addition, quality control should be performed. First of all, it should be done in the correct way. The drill bit and drilling data should confirm the correctness of the product hole position and the number of holes in the photo and drill data, and check the pin monitoring hole. The reliable pcb manufacturer should also remind the whole process. Confirmation and final review and so on.