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What is PCB?

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

What is PCB

The full name of the PCB in English is "Printed Circuit Board" or a circuit board. It is a carrier for electronic components and an electrical connector for electronic components. It is made using printing technology and is also called a printed circuit board.

   PCB classification: According to the division of the number of layers of the circuit, there are mainly three types of divisions, which are divided into: single-panel and double-plane multilayer boards.

        Single panel: On the circuit board, the circuit layer is only one side, while the parts are on the other side. Because the line is only one side, so this board is called a single panel

Dual panel: On the circuit board, there are two sides of the circuit layer, and the through holes in the two conductors are connected to each other, which is also called via, and the double-sided wiring area of the country is twice that of the single panel, so it is more accurate than the single panel. More complex lines

Multilayer board: generally refers to a circuit board with more than 2 layers above a circuit board. There are more than 4 layers, 6 layers, and 8 layers. There are also up to 10 layers. Most desktop computers are 4-layer and 6-layer. General 4 Layers and more.

According to the soft and hard division, there are mainly hard and soft boards (FPCs), which are also known as flexible boards.

            According to the classification of the substrate, there are 94V0 94HB CEM-1 CEM-3 FR-1 FR-4 aluminum substrate Copper substrate High frequency ceramic substrate Rogers substrate Teflon substrate. 94V0 94HB CEM-1 CEM-3 Commonly used in single-board, general-purpose two-panel FR-4 materials, LEDs require high heat dissipation common aluminum substrates Copper substrates, high-frequency communications commonly used ceramic substrates Rogers substrate Teflon.