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What is the difference between an ordinary circuit board and a multilayer PCB circuit board?

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2018

What is the difference between an ordinary circuit board and a multilayer PCB circuit board?

If we can see people with multi-layer circuit boards and ordinary circuit boards with the naked eye, then I will not say it. The appearance of multi-layer circuit boards and double-sided circuit boards cannot be seen if they are not noticed because the appearance is almost the same. Some people may ask! Multilayer circuit boards are not many layers? How to look at them is a board? The price is still relatively high.


    In fact, the number of layers of multilayer circuit boards is in the inner layer, 1-2 layers are used to inspect one layer of single-layer panels, two layers are referred to as double-sided panels, and three to 48 layers are called multi-layer boards. The higher the layer number, the higher the unit price, because The inner layer of the circuit is to be pressed together. The technical content of the pressing process is high, and the machine cost is relatively high. If you want to rent an equipment supplier, the price is 1000-5000 a day, and if you buy it, it is a minimum of 2 million. - 10 million! In the buyer is not worthwhile, after all, high-tech, follow-up maintenance has a certain degree of difficulty, technical content equal to the cost, we all know that the quality requirements of multi-layer circuit board is very strict. Retired a little bit in the previous process then the entire pcs regular PIN are scrapped. If the process is scrapped and there is a slight quality anomaly, then the previous process will be vain.


So how can we distinguish a common finished double-sided or multi-layer circuit board from a finished product?

1. The greater the number of layers, the greater the shadow in the sheet material;

2. Double panels are lines and ink on both sides;

3. Double-sided PCB board is invisible line road, is pure sheet material, pure glass fiber;

4. If the board is a mold punch, you can insert the edge of the board by hand to make the board easy to identify;

5. The faint shadows can be seen in the multilayer circuit board board, which is somewhat dim, and deep lines can be seen;

6. Multi-layer circuit board materials are generally used KB material, relatively smooth, especially after cleaning the molding process can be seen;

7. In the end how to distinguish between several layers of several layers, to accurately data can only be recorded by the manufacturer's IM view or R&D engineer's drawing board.