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Why does the copper foil fall off during the dip soldering of the paper-based circuit board?

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2018

Why does the copper foil fall off during the dip soldering of the paper-based circuit board?

Answer: The paper-based circuit board is divided into flame-retardant properties and non-flame-retardant properties. The advantage is low cost, the disadvantage is the poor bonding of copper and the substrate, but the two are sufficient to meet the welding under normal conditions. The problem of solder leaching of the immersion solder copper reflected by the user is actually a problem of welding. The solutions are as follows: 1. Strictly control the temperature of the solder pot between 240-260 degrees; 2. The circuit board must be cooled to the second dip soldering time. Room temperature; 3. Immersion tin time strictly controlled in 1-2 seconds, any point higher than three points is prone to copper peeling. Because of the limitations of the paper substrate itself, the requirements for welding are higher.

  The problem with the highest percentage of problems is caused by the high temperature of the tin furnace. After many users use the tin furnace for a period of time, the temperature displayed by the temperature controller is lower than the actual temperature of the tin pan. External thermometers are required to compensate for the problem; In the process of soldering (circuit board to be reworked), when the circuit board is not cooled enough to be re-soldered, the paper substrate will not withstand continuous thermal shock and thus delaminated. In the end, the reason is that the welding time is too long. For the first contact or not It is a pity that soldering and daring attempts lead to batch scrapping, remembering the soldering requirements of paper-based circuit boards.