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Advantages Of Double-layer PCB

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

The two-layer circuit boards are perpendicular to each other, and of course can reduce some electromagnetic interference. But this is not the main purpose. The main purpose is only in this way to make full use of the wiring characteristics of the Double-layer board, so that the wiring more rules, Double Layers PCB to minimize the circuit board area. You can actually try, if you do not do so on the side of the sideways and vertical walk, you will find: A of horizontal line cloth down the vertical line of the road to be broken! Of course, this is not absolutely different from the ground. Most of the wiring has a main surface, that is, placing the most components of the surface. The route is also determined by it.

Double-layer PCB in the future of electronic equipment development projects, Double Layers PCB still maintain a strong vitality.

Double PCB Main Advantages:

1. High density-Dozens of years, PCB density can be improved with integrated circuit integration and installation technology development.

2. High reliability-through a series of inspection, testing and aging tests can ensure that the PCB long-term (use, generally for 20) and reliable work.

3. Design--a variety of PCB performance (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) requirements, you can design standardization, standardization, etc. to achieve PCB design, short time, high efficiency.

4. Can be productive-the use of modern management, can be standardized, scale (volume), automation and other production, to ensure consistency of product quality.

5. Testability--Set up a relatively complete test method, test standards, Double Layers PCB a variety of testing equipment and instruments to detect and identify the PCB product eligibility and service life.

6.-Products can be assembled for a variety of components to standardize the assembly, but also automated, large-scale production. At the same time, PCB and various components assembly parts can also be assembled to form larger parts, systems, until the machine.

7. maintainability-as PCB products and components are assembled in a standardized design and large-scale production, and therefore, these components are also standardized. Therefore, Double Layers PCB once the system fails, can quickly, easily, flexibly to replace, quickly restore service system work. Of course, you can say more about it. such as the miniaturization of the system, lightweight, high-speed signal transmission and so on.