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Application Of Metal Substrates To Heavy Machinery Master Control

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Metal substrates have good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and mechanical processing performance, including metal layer, bonding layer (insulating layer), conductive walking line layer, three factors are indispensable. The metal layer (block) mainly plays the role of heat dissipation, shielding, Metal Base PCB covering type or grounding. Copper substrates have more performance advantages than aluminum substrates because of the difference between the properties of copper and aluminum and the machinable process of the corresponding metal substrates.

The metal substrate is a metal substrate (100) having a light source for carrying a semiconductor chip as a light source, it is characterized in that the metal substrate has an exothermic metal plate (111) formed by a metal other than AU, a white film (120) of insulating resin laminated on a part of the exothermic metal plate (11), and a layer (114) on the surface of the light source on the other part of the radiating metal plate (111), the above-mentioned light source carrying surface layer (114) is a metal layer directly contacting with the radiating metal plate, Metal Base PCB and the above-mentioned light source carrying surface is the surface of the most surface layer of AU layer formed on the surface of the light source.

The structure and fabrication methods of metal substrates include the following steps: Providing a metal plate, forming an insulating dielectric layer below the metal plate, providing a substrate, Metal Base PCB forming a phase-change guide material layer above the substrate, and combining the substrate with a phase change guide material layer with an insulating dielectric layer under the metal plate pressure to synthesize one. And its structure includes: a metal plate, a dielectric layer, a substrate, a phase change conductive material layer; In particular, Metal Base PCB the above is provided with a metal plate of the insulating dielectric layer and the substrate between the spraying or screen printing on the substrate with a phase change of heat conductive material layer and then through pressure synthesis, the phase change conductive material layer package containing epoxy resin, alumina powder, aluminum nitride powder, Metal Base PCB Silicon nitride powder and graphite powder, so that the pore of the substrate can be filled, the insulation dielectric layer and the substrate and the dielectric strength, the separation of the explosive plate and the problem of poor thermal conductivity.

Metal substrate machinable Performance Advantages

1, because the metal copper base can be etched line etching the fine graphics, copper substrate can be processed into a convex table, so that its protruding to the line layer or patch level and surface flush, Metal Base PCB the components can be directly affixed to the convex platform to achieve excellent grounding and cooling effect;

2, due to the metal substrate processing process itself reasons, aluminum substrate is not directly realized metal processing (such as single-sided aluminum substrate), and copper can be processed into a metal hole, making the corresponding single panel or multilayer backplane with excellent optional grounding performance, Metal Base PCB followed by copper itself has the ability to weld, So that the design of the structure of the final installation can choose welding, than the selection of heat sinks will be much better effect.

3, due to the difference of elastic modulus of copper and aluminum (the elastic modulus of copper is about 121000MPa, the elastic modulus of aluminum is 72000MPa), the corresponding warpage and shrinkage of copper substrates are smaller than those of aluminum substrate, and the overall performance is more stable.

Metal substrates have been widely used in heavy machinery master control, Metal Base PCB communication signal base station, radar and high-performance led and other fields.