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Doing Your Own Analysis Of The Home's Circuit Board Is Where The Problem Is

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2018

Doing your own analysis of the home's circuit board is where the problem is

Although the circuit board is a very useful tool, but there are many problems. Some problems are actually very easy to detect. However, when the test is performed, it is necessary to cut off the electricity in advance for inspection. This will be safer.

First, check whether the connection is correct

When we check the connection, the most important place to check is on the power supply of the chip, and the second is the check of the labels of our network nodes to see if the labels of the network nodes are wrong. In the case of our detection, the network nodes sometimes overlap, and we also need to pay more attention to them.

Second, check the installation of components

If you have checked the home connection and found no problems, you can try to check the installation of the components. During the inspection, you can check the pin carefully to see if there is a short circuit at the pin position, or if there is a bad contact.

Third, check the installation of components

After checking the installation of the components, if no problems are found, you can only check the installation of the components. When checking component installations, we mainly examined the problems between some devices. For example, we can look at our electrolytic capacitors and other devices in the corresponding place.

Xiao Bian reminds everyone that if there is no problem in the case of power-on, the problem of the circuit board appears as much as possible after our power-on. At this time, you must not check on your own. You should ask a professional technician to check it.