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Double-deck PCB Has A Wide Range Of Applications

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Two-tier PCB on both sides of the wiring, not the double PCB to use the two sides of the wire, must be on both sides of the appropriate circuit to connect the line. The "bridge" between these circuits is called a guide hole. (via). The guide hole is on the PCB, the Shandong Double-layer circuit Board factory, Double Layers PCB fills or spreads the metal the small hole, it may connect with the two sides the conductor. Because the size of the double PCB is larger than the single panel.

A double-decker PCB solves the problem of wiring interleaving in a single panel (which can be Kong through to the other side) and is more suitable for use in a more complex circuit than a single panel.

The Double-layer PCB includes the motherboard and the Gusset board located above the motherboard, wherein the motherboard is electrically connected with the fastener through the connector, Double Layers PCB wherein the connecting device is provided with a booster mechanism, and the booster mechanism Includes: Support column, bottom fixed on the motherboard, top through the gusset; Lever assembly, Double Layers PCB including fulcrum and Lever, wherein the fulcrum is fixed on the gusset plate and the lever can be wound around the fulcrum The first end of the lever can be hung on the supporting column, the second end is the operation end, Double Layers PCB and when the operation end is subjected to downward force, the gusset plate is pressed toward the motherboard;

When the upward force is exerted, the gusset plate is pulled off the motherboard.

Double-layer PCB is a very important circuit board PCB board, the market has double-sided circuit board metal Base PCB board, HI-TG Heavy copper foil circuit board, flat winding double-sided PCB, high-frequency PCB , hybrid dielectric base of high-frequency double-sided circuit boards, etc., Double Layers PCB it is applicable to a wide range of High-tech industries such as: telecommunications, power supply, computer, industrial control, digital products, science and technology, medical equipment, automobiles , aerospace defense and so on.

The fabrication method of Double-layer PCB.

The Double-layer PCB is usually made of epoxy glass cloth copper clad laminate. It is mainly used for high performance requirements of communications electronic equipment, Double Layers PCB advanced instrumentation and electronic computers. Double board Production process is generally divided into process conductor method, plugging method, masking method and graphic plating one etching method.

Wiring is the production of two-tier PCB important links, the following look at the two-tier PCB attention to what.

1, the length of the line is as short as possible so that the lead inductance is minimized. Double Layers PCB In low frequency circuit, because the circuit's ground current flows through the public grounding impedance or the ground plane, therefore avoids using the multiple point grounding.

2. The public ground wire should be arranged in the edge part of printed circuit board as far as possible. Circuit board should be as much as possible to keep the copper foil to do ground, Double Layers PCB can enhance shielding capacity.

3, the double board can use the ground surface, the ground surface is to provide a low impedance ground.

4, multilayer printed circuit board, can set the grounding layer, connect the stratum design into the net. The spacing of the ground grid cannot be too large, Double Layers PCB because a main function of the ground wire is to provide a signal backflow path, if the grid

The spacing is too large, will form a larger signal loop area. Large loop area can cause radiation and sensitivity problems. In addition, the signal reflux actually take the path of small loop area, Double Layers PCB other ground does not rise Role。

5, the ground surface can make the radiation loop small.

Each family has a lot of electrical products, and electrical products are inseparable from the circuit board. Two-tier PCB is now used more than a circuit board, Double Layers PCB for many friends, the two-tier line The road board is not very familiar with learning some double PCB knowledge, can let us use some electrical appliances better.