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Duplex Circuit Board Structure Diversification

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

The development of double-layer circuit board manufacturing technology is very fast, especially in the late 80s, with the emergence of high-density I / O (input / output) lead VLSI, ULSI integrated circuits, SMD devices and the development of SMT, To promote the double-layer circuit board manufacturing technology to achieve a high level of technology. But also with the "light, thin, short, small" components are widely used in a large number of SMD's rapid development and SMT popularization, interconnection technology is more complicated, Double Layers PCB to promote double-layer circuit board manufacturing technology to fine line width and Narrow spacing, thin high-level, small aperture of the direction of development. Multi-layer printed circuit board technology, that is, Double Layers PCB multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturing technology has been widely used in civilian appliances.

MLB development varies according to the scope of application, usually divided into two categories: one is the basic parts for the electronic machine, Double Layers PCB for the installation of electronic components and interconnection of the substrate; the other is used for various types of chips and Integrated circuit chip carrier board. The MLB conductive pattern used as a carrier plate is finer, Double Layers PCB the performance of the substrate is more stringent, and the manufacturing technology is more complicated.

2. Double-layer circuit board technology features are as follows:

2.1 High density

The high density of the double-layer circuit board means that the use of high-precision wire technology, micro-aperture technology and narrow ring width or no ring width and other technology, is the PCB assembly density greatly improved.

2.2 high-precision 2.2 high-precision wire technology

High-density interconnect structure of the laminated double-layer circuit board, the circuit used by the need for high-precision wire width and spacing between 0.05-0.15 mm. Double Layers PCB The corresponding manufacturing process and equipment to have to form a high-precision, high-density lines of the technology and processing capacity.

2.3 tiny aperture technology

With the narrowing of the double-layer circuit board, the drilling technology and equipment to put forward higher technical requirements, while the need for full chemical plating, Double Layers PCB direct plating technology to solve the hole plating adhesion and ductility and other issues.

2.4 Reduce the width of the hole

The narrowing of the circumference of the surroundings increases the wiring space, thereby further improving the circuit pattern density of the two-layer circuit board.

2.5 thin multi-layer technology

Thin multi-layer technology fully adapt to the components of "light, thin, short, small" and high-density technical requirements. The current two-tier circuit board manufacturing process technology trends are divided into: high-level thin plate and the general thin plate. Double Layers PCB The thickness of the high-rise double-layer circuit board will be 0.6-5.0MM, the layer number from 12-50 layer or higher; thin double-layer circuit board thickness will be 0.3-1.2MM, layer from 4-10 layer or higher.

2.6 Diversified circuit board structure diversification

With the high stability of high-precision devices, Double Layers PCB high reliability requirements, double-layer circuit board manufacturing density requirements and the number of interconnection and the increase in complexity, the diversification of its structure is inevitable.

2.7 Bonding, blind and through-hole combination of double-layer circuit board manufacturing technology

This type of multilayer printed circuit board is complex and will be built using a large number of electrical interconnection technology, which can increase the wiring density of 50%, greatly reducing the fine wire, small aperture of the ring width of the production pressure.

2.8 multi-layer wiring double-layer circuit boards

Multi-layer wiring The structure of the double-layer circuit board is coated with a binder on the surface of the copper-free substrate, and then use the computer-aided data to control the wiring machine, the 0.06-0.1MM square enameled wire according to X, Y direction, perpendicular to each other Wiring, and then 45 ° oblique wiring, were laid on both sides of the substrate, the wiring is completed with a thin film covered, play a fixed and protective effect, in the curing, CNC drilling and other processes.