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Find Out The Reason Of PCB Copper - Clad Laminate From The Surface Of Circuit Board

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Inspection methods can be used: usually used in the board surface to form a visible watermark for visual inspection:

Possible causes: Un-coated surfaces are excessively bright due to the very dense and smooth surface caused by the release film. Typically, the laminate manufacturer does not remove the release agent from the uncopper side of the laminate. The pinholes on the copper foil cause the resin to flow out and accumulate on the copper foil surface, which usually occurs on thinner copper foils than the 3/4 ounce weight specification. The copper foil manufacturer applies an excess of antioxidant to the copper foil surface. The laminate manufacturer changes the resin system, stripping thin, or brushing methods. Due to improper operation, there are many fingerprints or grease. In the punching, cutting or drilling operation with oil. In this case,

Possible solutions:

It is recommended that laminator manufacturers use fabric-like films or other release materials. Contact the manufacturer of the laminate using mechanical or chemical means of elimination. Contact the manufacturer of the laminate to inspect each batch of unqualified copper foil; obtain a solution to remove the resin. A method of removing it from the laminate manufacturer. Often recommended the use of hydrochloric acid, followed by mechanical grinding brush removed. Prior to any change in laminate manufacturing, the laminate manufacturer cooperates with and specifies the user's test items.