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High Thermal Conductivity Of Copper Substrates

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

Copper substrate is also called copper CCL, is a metal substrate, because of its low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation characteristics, Base Copper PCB products in a number of special industries play an important role, the base material is more suitable for cutting and punching and other conventional machining.

Copper substrate can be at 280 degrees of high temperature does not bubble stratification, indicating a strong pressure-resistant value, not containing heavy metal components, Base Copper PCB no pollution to the environment. Products using SMT surface mount technology, in the circuit design scheme for the heat diffusion is very effective treatment, do not need additional radiator, volume greatly reduced, greatly improved the product mechanical processing performance.

Copper-based plate is generally mainly based on copper, because its heat dissipation is better than aluminum and iron. Thermal insulating layer is one of the core parts of copper clad laminate, Base Copper PCB so its copper foil thickness should be 35μm~280μm, so as to achieve strong load-carrying capacity. Compared with aluminum substrate, aluminum substrate, the main material for aluminum, its high thermal resistance, Base Copper PCB in the process of heat dissipation is not obvious, it is recommended to use copper material, so that it achieves better cooling effect, thus ensuring product stability. The material is different and the price is different. Therefore, the higher the general material thermal conductivity of the more in line with customer needs.

The quality reliability of copper substrate is the most expensive one of the metal substrates, with the Jin YU laminated plate as the best copper substrate. Base Copper PCB The heat dissipation effect is many times better than aluminum substrate and iron-based plate, it is suitable for high frequency circuit and high and low temperature change area and the heat dissipation and building decoration industry of precision communication equipment.

Copper substrate circuit layer is required to have a large load flow capacity, Base Copper PCB so the use of thicker copper foil, the thickness of general 35μm~280μm; Thermal insulating layer is the core technology of copper substrate, the core thermal conductivity is composed of aluminium and silica powder, epoxy resin filled polymer, small heat resistance (0.15), excellent viscoelastic property, Base Copper PCB and can withstand mechanical and thermal stress. Copper substrate metal base plate is the support component of copper substrate, requires high thermal conductivity, generally is copper, also can use copper (in which copper can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, punching and cutting and other conventional machining.