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Introduction To PCB Electroplating Process

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

C. Transfer the bath to the standby tank, add 1-3ml / L of 30% hydrogen peroxide, start heating, until the temperature is about 65 degrees to open the air stirring, stirring air insulation 2-4 hours; Air stirring, according to 3? 5 g / l will slowly dissolve the active carbon powder to the bath, to be dissolved thoroughly, open the air mixing, so heat 2? 4 hours; E. Turn off the air mixing, heating, F to be the temperature dropped to 40 degrees, with 10um of PP filter plus filter aid powder filter to clean the work tank, open the air mixing, into the anode, hanging into the electrolytic plate , According to the 0.2-0.5ASD current density low current electrolysis 6? 8 hours, G. by laboratory analysis, adjusting the tank of sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, chloride ion content to the normal operating range; according to Hall slot test results to add Light agent; H. To be electrolytic plate surface color uniform, you can stop electrolysis, and then according to the current density of 1-1.5ASD for 1-2 hours of electrolytic raw film, to be a layer of uniform density on the anode adhesion is good Of the black phosphorus film can be; I test OK OK.