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Layered Board Layout Techniques

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Double-layer circuit board with a variety of types, according to the complexity from the single-layer board to the double-board to the multi-layer board, circuit board device-intensive level is also increasing, you want double-layer circuit board with higher performance, Layout design efforts.

Two-tier circuit board layout skills:

1, according to the double-layer circuit board structure to set the size of the frame, according to the structural elements of the installation holes, connectors and other devices need to locate, Double Layers PCB and in accordance with the requirements of the design specifications of these devices are dimensioned.

2. Prohibit the layout area by setting the prohibited wiring area of the printed circuit board according to the structure diagram and the clamping edge required for production and processing. Double Layers PCB According to the special requirements of certain components, set the prohibited wiring area.

3, double-layer circuit board layout operation principle for the "first big after the small, first difficult after the easy", that is, important unit circuit, the core components should be preferred layout. Layout should refer to the principle of block diagram, according to the main signal flow of the board to arrange the main components of the law.

4, according to the core components of each functional unit as the center, Double Layers PCB around it to the layout. Components should be uniform, overall, compact arrangement on the PCB, to minimize and shorten the lead between the components and connections.

5. Arrangement of components to facilitate debugging and maintenance, that is, small components can not be placed around the large components, the need to debug the yuan, the device should have enough space around.

6. IC decoupling capacitor layout should be as close as possible to the IC's power pin, and make it with the power and ground between the shortest loop.

7. After the layout is completed, print out the assembly drawing for the schematic designer to check the correctness of the device package, and confirm the board, backplane and connector signal correspondence, Double Layers PCB confirmed by the wrong before starting wiring.

The above is about the two-tier circuit board layout skills which, hoping to help everyone. Double-layer circuit board layout is a tedious process, need to be carefully done in accordance with the relevant requirements, so as to ensure that the circuit board production process unnecessary trouble.