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Led Circuit Board Applications

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017


LED circuit board is a printed circuit board, is better in the thermal conductivity of the aluminum plane printed on the plane, and then welded to the top of the electronic components.

Main technical characteristics and application: electrical insulation performance is stable, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, LED PCB thickness tolerance exceeds the standard, suitable for high-performance electronic insulation requirements of the product.

Glass fiber board because of its good material properties, LED PCB in the conventional electrical, electronic, digital products, the most widely used.

Led circuit board features

1. Can be used surface mount technology (SMT: Surface Mount Technology).

2. For thermal diffusion problems in the LED light board design and manufacture to do an effective improvement.

3. LED lamp board products can be run faster to reduce the efficiency of LED lamp board to enhance product performance and extend the life of LED light board products.

4. Reduce the size of LED products, LED products need to reduce the additional equipment and LED lamp board assembly costs.

5. Can be related to surface treatment and polishing to increase the LED light board product reflection effect.

6. Can replace the fragile ceramic plate, get better mechanical durability.

Led circuit board over reflow soldering LED lamp beads of the general adjustment parameters of reference

The minimum temperature of 150-170 degrees can be, the maximum temperature is best 240-245 degrees (the maximum adjustable to 260, if 245 degrees can be dissolved, then do not tune to 260), LED PCB 220 degrees above the time can not exceed 60 seconds, If the temperature increase, then 260 degrees of time can not exceed 10 seconds. If it is 7 temperature zone, you can refer to the following settings: 160,170,175,180,190,210,245,220. If the LED lamp beads are silicone lens, you can use BI58SN42 solder paste, the maximum temperature of 225 degrees Celsius. If it is a PC lens, it is best not to use reflow soldering.