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LED Circuit Board Has Good Insulation And Other Characteristics

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

LED circuit board is the abbreviation of printed circuit board, LED circuit board and FR-4 glass fiber circuit board are PCB, to say different, just take led circuit board and FR-4 glass fiber circuit board comparison, led circuit board is in the thermal conductivity relatively good aluminum material plane printing lines, LED PCB and then welding electronic components on top.

The main purpose of using aluminum substrate is that he has good heat dissipation, high-power led because of the relatively large heat, so most of the aluminum substrate used in LED lighting production. FR-4 Glass fiber circuit board is a traditional electronic product circuit board, LED PCB because of its good insulation, anti-corrosion, compression, multi-layer printing and other characteristics, widely used.

LED Circuit board product quality is mainly considered aluminum material model, hardness, surface and thickness, but also according to the product's calorific value to choose the appropriate model size. FR-4 Glass Fiber Board is more mature products, LED display on the use of many of the same FR-4 glass fiber circuit board.

LED circuit board has a good conductive thermal conductivity, it is widely used in LED circuit board industry. Now let's talk about some characteristics of LED circuit board.

The surface of LED circuit board is SMT Patch technology, LED circuit board, whether in the design of the circuit or in the thermal conductivity and reflective performance testing has a good performance. LED aluminum circuit board also has a good cooling and cooling performance, LED PCB this can also be a good extension of the service life of the product.

LED circuit board material can replace a lot of FR-4 material plate, make the design of the circuit more intensive, so as to reduce the size of the plate, but also to obtain more mechanical properties, which can also be a good way to reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

The usual PCB aluminum base circuit board is composed of aluminum base material, copper foil, thermal insulating layer, which is usually based on etching to form a printed circuit, the general led aluminum circuit board is usually applied to the LED lighting, there is a long strip of fluorescent lighting, as well as circular lamp lighting and so on. These are essential, in addition to the General LED circuit board and other aluminum substrates are widely used in audio equipment, I believe that we also have contact in daily life, there are a lot of power equipment, LED PCB electronic communication equipment, office automation integration equipment and so on, everything involves electricity and light places are generally available, Therefore the use is very extensive.