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LED Circuit Board Has Good Thermal Conductivity

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

LED circuit board, is printed circuit board, is in a relatively good thermal conductivity of the aluminum plane printing lines, and then welding electronic components on the above.

LED Circuit board product quality is mainly considered aluminum material model, hardness, LED PCB surface and thickness, but also according to the product's calorific value to choose the appropriate model size. FR-4 Glass Fiber Board is more mature products, LED display on the use of many of the same FR-4 glass fiber circuit board.

LED circuit board thermal conductivity of high number, good heat dissipation, LED PCB can effectively export the internal heat. Aluminum substrate is a unique metal based copper clad laminate, with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance. LED PCB In the design of the PCB will be close to the aluminum base, thereby reducing the potting part of the thermal resistance.

Characteristics of LED PCB

1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT: Surface mount Technology) can be used.

2. The problem of heat diffusion can be effectively improved in the design of LED lamp board.

3. Can be LED lamp Board products operating temperature is faster, LED PCB to enhance the efficiency of LED light plate product operation and prolong the life of LED lamp Board product.

4. Reduce the volume of LED products, reducing the need for LED products and additional equipment and LED Lamp Board product assembly costs.

5. Can be related to surface treatment and polishing treatment to increase the reflective effect of LED light Board products.

6. Can replace fragile ceramic plate, obtain better mechanical endurance.

7. The use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT);

8. In the circuit design scheme, the heat diffusion is treated very effectively;

9. Reduce the operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, LED PCB prolong the service life of products;

10. Reduce the volume of products, lower hardware and assembly costs;

11. To replace fragile ceramic substrates, LED PCB to obtain better mechanical durability.