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Led Circuit Board Has Three Categories

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

Led circuit board generally refers to the circuit board.

The name of the circuit board are: led circuit board, PCB board, aluminum plate, high frequency board, thick copper plate, impedance board, PCB, ultra-thin led circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printing (copper etching technology) circuit boards. The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, LED PCB which plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the fixed circuit. Circuit board can be called printed circuit board or printed circuit board, the English name (Printed Circuit Board) PCB.

First, led circuit board material

General printed circuit board materials can be divided into two categories: rigid substrate materials and flexible substrate materials. Ordinary rigid substrate material is an important varieties of CCL. LED PCB It is reinforced with a material (Reinforeing Material), impregnated with resin adhesive, through drying, cutting, laminated into a blank, and then covered with copper foil, with steel as a mold, in the hot press by high temperature and high pressure forming process Into the. General multi-layer board with the semi-cured film, it is CCL in the production process of semi-finished products (mostly glass cloth impregnated with resin, made by drying).

  Led circuit board according to the number of layers, then divided into single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer led circuit board three large classification.

 1, single-panel, on the most basic PCB, parts concentrated in one side, the wire is concentrated on the other side. Because the wire only appears in one side, so called the PCB called single-sided led circuit board. Single-sided panels are usually made simple, low cost, LED PCB but the drawback is that it can not be applied to too complicated products.

2, double-sided panel is an extension of a single panel, when the single-layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, we must use a double panel. Sided copper with a trace, LED PCB and can pass through the hole between the two lines between the lines, so that the formation of the required network connection.

3. A multilayer board is a printed circuit board having three or more conductive pattern layers interposed therebetween and insulating material interposed therebetween and interconnected with conductive patterns therebetween. Multi-layer led circuit board is the electronic information technology to high-speed, multi-functional, large capacity, small size, thin, lightweight direction of the product.