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Maintenance Circuit Board Method Summary

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Capacitor damage caused by failure in electronic equipment is the highest, especially in the electrolytic capacitor damage is the most common.

Capacitance damage performance: 1. Capacity smaller; 2. Completely lost capacity; 3. Leakage; 4. Short circuit.

Capacitors in the circuit play a different role, caused by the fault also has its own characteristics. In the industrial control circuit board, the majority of digital circuits, capacitors and more used for power supply filtering, signal coupling and oscillation circuit for the capacitor less. Switching power supply in the electrolytic capacitor if damaged, the switching power supply may not start, there is no voltage output; or output voltage filter is not good, the circuit voltage instability occurs due to logical confusion, the performance of the machine work good or bad or open Can not machine, if the capacitance and the power of the digital circuit between the positive and negative, the failure of the performance above. This is particularly evident in the performance of the computer motherboard, a lot of computers in a few years there are sometimes not open machine, and sometimes boot phenomenon, open the case, you can often see the phenomenon of electrolytic capacitor drum package, if the capacitor removed to measure the capacity , Found that much lower than the actual value.