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Metal Substrates Are Widely Used In Many Fields Such As Illumination

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

The metal substrate consists of a metal layer (aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, molybdenum, Yongrui and other metal sheet, insulating medium layer (modified epoxy resin, pi resins, PPO resin, etc.) and copper foil (electrolytic copper foil, calendering copper foil, etc.) of the Trinity compound made of metal base CCL (Metal Base Copper clade Laminates), and a special printed circuit board for making a printed circuit on a metal base CCL, Metal Base PCB called a metal substrate printed circuit board, referred to as a metal substrate (MCPCB).

Metal substrates with its excellent heat dissipation performance, mechanical processing performance, electromagnetic shielding performance, dimensional stability, Metal Base PCB magnetic properties and multi-function performance, in hybrid integrated circuits, automobiles, motorcycles, office shearing, high-power electrical equipment, power equipment and other fields, has been more and more applications, Especially in the LED packaging products as the base plate has been widely used.

Metal substrate is based on metal plate (aluminum, copper, iron, molybdenum, etc.) as the substrate, on its base plate covered with insulating medium layer and conductive layer (copper foil). Metal Base PCB Coated metal substrate is a sheet of six bread coated with a layer of glaze, sintered into one of the base. In this on the screen leakage, sintering, the formation of conductor circuit graphics. Metal core substrates are generally made of copper and aluminum core materials, on its surface coated with a layer of organic polymer dielectric layer, or the composite on the half-cured film or pet film, coated with conductor foil (some by adding a direct form of conductive graphics).

Metal substrates are widely used in lighting, medical, consumer electronics, power, communications, aerospace and other fields.

What are the advantages of metal substrates?

1, basically does not affect the normal wiring requirements of the PCB, especially the metal core plate, just equivalent to the internal increase in the PCB a metal layer, Metal Base PCB the design of the various lines of minimal impact.

2, can achieve uniform heat dissipation effect, through the metal layer can be produced by the PCB local heat transfer to the entire PCB, and then through the PCB to disperse the heat, in order to prevent high power devices on the PCB caused by overheating function decline.

3, Metal Base PCB part of the metal core plate structure is the inner layer of the local position of the metal Luo exposed outside, through the metal layer and the external metal shell direct contact will be produced on the PCB heat conduction out, in order to achieve better cooling effect.

4, can increase the rigidity of PCB.