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Metal Substrates Have Special Magnetic Conductivity

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

Metal substrate is a metal circuit board material, belonging to the electronic general components, by thermal insulating layer, metal plate and metal foil, with special magnetic conductivity, excellent heat dissipation, high mechanical strength, Metal Base PCB good processing performance and so on.

Metal substrates with special magnetic conductivity, excellent heat dissipation, high mechanical strength, good processing performance

Metal substrate is a common structural metal substrate, the common structure has 1: conductive layer, used for wiring configuration and Components welding disk; 2: insulation heat layer, as the name implies, to play insulation effect 3: Metal base, Metal Base PCB as the copper foil and insulating layer carrier, Aluminum based on a high cost-effective and good machining performance in the metal substrate market share ahead.

The structure and fabrication methods of metal substrates include the following steps: Providing a metal plate, forming an insulating dielectric layer below the metal plate, providing a substrate, forming a phase-change guide material layer above the substrate, Metal Base PCB and combining the substrate with a phase change guide material layer with an insulating dielectric layer under the metal plate pressure to synthesize one. And its structure includes: a metal plate, a dielectric layer, a substrate, a phase change conductive material layer; In particular, the above is provided with a metal plate of the insulating dielectric layer and the substrate between the spraying or screen printing on the substrate with a phase change of heat conductive material layer and then through pressure synthesis, Metal Base PCB the phase change conductive material layer package containing epoxy resin, alumina powder, aluminum nitride powder, Silicon nitride powder and graphite powder, so that the pore of the substrate can be filled, the insulation dielectric layer and the substrate and the dielectric strength, the separation of the explosive plate and the problem of poor thermal conductivity.