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PCB Machining Characteristics

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Printed circuit board PCB machining is the object of PCB substrate copper clad laminate. Copper-clad laminates are formed by heat-pressing an insulating material and a copper foil with an adhesive.

PCB substrate copper clad laminate reinforcement material there are two: one is a glass fiber cloth, the other is paper-based. PCB in the printed circuit industry is currently the most widely used epoxy glass fiber cloth plate.

Whether paper or glass fiber cloth board, the mechanical processing performance is relatively poor. From their structural composition can be seen that they are brittle and obvious delamination, high hardness, the machining of the tool wear, the board contains incomplete curing of the resin, the process of mechanical friction generated by the heat will So that not fully cured resin was softening viscosity, increase friction resistance, break the tool, while producing greasy dirt, affecting the quality of processing. In order to improve the quality of processing, need to use carbide cutting tools, large feed rate of the cutting process can guarantee the quality of processing.

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