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Precautions For Installing Molds When Single - Sided Circuit Board Is Blanked

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

1. According to the die design calculation of punching force, the size of the mold, such as the choice of closure height punch (including type, tonnage).

2. Start punch, a comprehensive inspection, including clutches, brakes, slider and other parts are normal, whether the operating body can be **, never even red phenomenon.

3. Horn under the die, usually 2, must be grinded on the grinding machine at the same time, to ensure that the mold installation parallel, vertical. Horn placed placed that is not to prevent the blanking while ** as far as possible near the mold center.

4. To prepare several sets of pressure plate and T-head platen screws, so that the corresponding use with the mold. The front end of the platen can not touch the lower mold straight wall. The contact between the pads should be pad cloth, screws must be tightened.

5. Mold installation should pay great attention to the mold on the screws, nuts do not touch the upper mold (mold down, closed).

6. Adjust the mold as much as possible by hand, not maneuver.

7. To improve the stamping performance of the substrate, the paper substrate should be preheated. The temperature is preferably from 70 to 90 ° C.