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Single - Sided Circuit Board Manufacturers To Solve Micro - Short Circuit / Short Circuit Countermeasures

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Some short-circuit, short-circuit phenomenon of the finished plate, with an ordinary low-voltage computer test board test can not guarantee that it does not flow into the hands of customers to customers complaints. PCB manufacturers usually put the problem pushed to the computer measuring machine suppliers, thereby promoting the development of high-voltage computer measuring machine. But the same can not be guaranteed with a high-pressure test board 100% pass rate.

Sometimes the first time with low-voltage test circuit board test all OK, the second and then 300V high-voltage test test a short circuit. The third time with ordinary low-voltage retest, the second measured short-circuit board is also measured as short-circuit. Measure with a multimeter resistance file short-circuit point between the two points for the short-circuit pad, the average resistance is 6.7 ohms. It should be recognized as a complete short circuit rather than a short circuit. And then use high magnification magnifying glass to check the short circuit phenomenon can not accurately check out the short-circuit point (should be finished solder resist ink causes).