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The Copper Substrate Has High Thermal Conductivity

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

Copper substrate is the most expensive metal substrate, the thermal effect than the aluminum plate and the iron substrate is much better times for high-frequency circuits and high and low temperature changes in large areas and precision communications equipment, cooling and building decoration industry.

There are generally gold and copper substrate, silver-plated copper substrate, Base Copper PCB spray tin copper substrate, anti-oxidation copper substrate.

Copper substrate circuit layer requires a large current carrying capacity, which should be used thicker copper foil, the thickness of the general 35μm ~ 280μm; thermal insulation layer is the core technology of copper substrate where the core thermal conductivity of aluminum oxide and silicon powder (0.15), excellent viscoelastic properties, with the ability to resist heat aging, can withstand mechanical and thermal stress. Base Copper PCB Copper substrate metal substrate is a copper substrate support components, requiring a high thermal conductivity, generally copper, suitable for drilling, punching and cutting and other conventional machining, the metal layer (block) mainly from the heat, shielding, Grounding action, due to the performance of copper and aluminum and the corresponding PCB processing technology differences, Base Copper PCB copper substrate than aluminum plate has more performance advantages.

1, copper thermal conductivity is twice the aluminum base, the higher the thermal conductivity, the higher the heat transfer efficiency, better heat dissipation.

2, the copper base can be processed into a metalized hole, and the aluminum base can not, the metal hole of the network must be the same network, Base Copper PCB making the signal has a good grounding performance, followed by copper itself has weldability, making the design of the final structure of the final Installation can choose welding.

2, copper substrate copper base can be etched fine graphics, processed into a convex-like, components can be directly attached to the boss, Base Copper PCB to achieve excellent grounding and cooling effect;

3, due to the difference between the elastic modulus of copper and aluminum (copper elastic modulus of about 121000MPa, aluminum elastic modulus of 72000MPa), the corresponding copper plate warpage and expansion than the aluminum plate is small, the overall performance stable.

Copper substrate design rules: the copper base is thick, the minimum diameter of the drilling hole must be 0.4mm, line width according to the copper substrate on the thickness of the copper foil to set, the thicker the thickness of the copper, you need the most The wider the line width, Base Copper PCB the greater the minimum spacing required.

  Copper substrate, also known as copper-based CCL, is a metal substrate, because of its low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation characteristics, the product in some special industries play an important role, the substrate is more suitable for cutting and punching, etc. Conventional machining. Then the main advantages of this substrate which, then explain to you:

First, the copper-based CCL material:

Material is generally based on copper substrate, because its cooling effect is better than aluminum and iron. Thermal insulation layer is one of the core parts of copper-based CCL, Base Copper PCB so the copper foil thickness should be 35μm ~ 280μm, which can achieve a strong current carrying capacity. Compared with the aluminum substrate, the main material of aluminum plate is aluminum, the thermal resistance is high, in the course of the use of heat is not obvious, the proposed use of copper material, to achieve better cooling effect, so as to ensure product stability The Material is different, the price is different. Therefore, the general material thermal conductivity of the higher the more consistent with the needs of customers.

Second, the main advantages of copper substrate:

In the circuit components are more common in the substrate, because the product power density of high circuit and circuit components more products, Base Copper PCB some of the substrate anti-aging ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stress can not achieve the case, this copper-based Copper plate can be very good to play its good heat dissipation, should be the preferred substrate.