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The Design And Operation Procedure Of Double-layer PCB

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

The two-layer circuit board is perpendicular to each other, and of course can reduce some electromagnetic interference. But this is not the main purpose. The main purpose is only in this way to make full use of the wiring characteristics of the Double-layer board, so that the wiring more rules, to minimize the circuit board area. Double Layers PCB You can actually try, if you do not do so on the side of the sideways and vertical walk, you will find: A of horizontal line cloth down the vertical line of the road to be broken off! Of course, Double Layers PCB this is not absolutely different from the ground. Most of the wiring has a main surface, that is, placing the most components of the surface. Routing is also determined by it.

Double-layer PCB is the double-sided copper, and there is a metal hole, that is, there is copper on both sides, and there is copper in the hole, for the double-sided circuit board, Double Layers PCB the hole has copper is particularly important, because the earliest, the most difficult is the hole has copper (how to copper in the copper hole wall), this is to differentiate the double-sided, single side of the most important basis. Double Layers PCB But the fake two-sided panels, only two sides have copper, but there is no copper in the hole, so there is no copper in the hole, but the double-sided pain circuit board, called the fake double panel, looks like a double panel.

Double-Layer circuit board advantages (compared with Single-layer board): wiring Convenient, concise, Double Layers PCB wiring labor intensity smaller, line length is shorter.

Two-layer PCB design operation steps:

1, Prepare circuit schematic diagram

2, a new PCB file and loaded into the Components packaging library

3. Planning Circuit board

4. Double Layers PCB Loading network tables and components

5. Automatic layout of components

6. Layout adjustment

7. Double Layers PCB Network Density analysis

8, wiring rules set

9, automatic wiring

10, manual adjustment wiring