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Wall Washer Aluminum Plate

Shenzhen Inno Circuit Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Most of the use of wall-washing lamp, wall lamp, buried lights, cast light above, LED wall washer voltage is generally divided into 220V, 110V, 24V, 12V, temperature generally depends on the size of the voltage, Aluminum plate heat dissipation and thermal conductivity of aluminum plate itself has a relationship, the majority of the market is domestically produced aluminum, the general import thermal conductivity is relatively high, the price is relatively expensive.

Application: wall washer, buried lamp, flood light is usually used in outdoor more, so this parameter is more important, the requirements of the temperature is relatively high, the general situation we require outdoor temperature -40 ℃ +60 ℃ can work.But the wall washer with a better heat to do the aluminum shell, so the requirements of the general wall washer to meet the requirements.

The size of the aluminum plate is generally A. 1000 × 76 × 76mm (length and width height) B.1000 × 75 × 95mm (length and width height) C.500 × 70 × 60mm (length and width) D.1000 × 52 × 52mm (LWH) E.1000 × 60 × 76mm (LWH) F1000 × 48 × 48mm (LWH)